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From Vines to Wine: A Labor of Love

In 1997, the Pechan family set out to fulfill a lifelong dream and purchased 40 acres of grassland in Linden, Calif. That land, ripe with possibilities and promise, would one day become Miramont Estate Vineyards.

Our family spent a full year excavating the soil and preparing the field for planting. As we dug through layers of earth—gravelly Redding soil, rock-solid hardpan, thick clay and moist sand—we discovered remnants of an ancient river, lined with round rocks polished by millions of years of erosion. This discovery made the land even more special to us.

Next we chose a hardy rootstock, descended from wild Texas grapes, that thrives in dry river beds. Rather than purchasing rootstock and grapevines that are grown and grafted together in a nursery, we planted the rootstock and let it grow in our vineyard for a year. Then we cut the top of the rootstock and field grafted it to the grapevines—a time-honored method that we believe produces a stronger plant.

As the vines climbed the trellis, we began to see the fruits of our labor—vibrant, colorful grapes of exceptional quality and flavor.

Throughout this labor of love, the work was arduous and intense but well worth the end result. Our Celestial wines feature an exquisite concentration of flavors and elegant aromas—simply heavenly!